50 Million Km Manga

Alternative : 그녀와 나의 거리 5000만km
50 Million Km - Her and My Distance
5000만km - 그녀와 나의 거리
Fifty Million Kilometers
Her and My Distance 50 Million Km
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50 Million Km summary:

Dr Kim works at the Korean equivalent of NASA. He has talent, brains and is unparalleled with his programming skills. One day, he hacks into the Mars Rover and catches the glimpse of an alien. Unfortunately, the device wasn't recording at the time and so he has no proof and clearly no one believes him. And as fate may have it, that alien has come to Earth believing she had been caught on video and wanting nothing more than delete that proof before her boss finds out. Misunderstandings ensue as the two characters meet and are forced to work together as a new group of aliens start stirring trouble on Earth.

Year: 2011
Status: completed
Drama Romance Comedy Action Fantasy Sports Seinen Shounen Psychological Sci Fi