+C Sword And Cornett Manga

Ranked: #5288
Popularity: #2471
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 2602 votes.

+C: Sword and Cornett summary: There was once a hero who vanquished the darkness of the land and liberated the people. He then built a kingdom, and had his descendants rule as kings. Although they had ruled the land for so many years, in reality, political power was being wielded solely by the ar...

Year: 2008
Status: ongoing
Drama Shoujo Josei

07 Ghost Manga

["セブンゴースト","神幻拍挡07","07 Ghost","7-Ghost","Sebun Gousuto","Seven Ghosts","الأشباح السبعة","七鬼神","Siete Fantasmas","07-Fantasmas","Pitong - Multo (Filipino)","07-Fantômes","read 07 Ghost manga"]
Ranked: #971
Popularity: #520
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 13595 votes.

Description : Teito Klein is a former slave who now attends the Barsburg Empire's military academy because of his capability to use a sort of unnatural power, Zaiphon. The skill is uncommon and therefore highly prized. Teito is an amnesiac who often has dreams that are awful. The night time prior ...

Year: 2005
Status: completed
Drama Comedy Josei

Akatsuki No Aria Manga

["Alternative : 晨光中的詠嘆調","暁のARIA","Aria at Dawn","Dawn Aria"]
Ranked: #7502
Popularity: #21639
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 131 votes.

Akatsuki no Aria summary: From Shogakukan: The time is the Taisho Era. Eventful young days of Aria who wants to become a pianist are portrayed in this saga of love, passion, and music. From StarryHeaven: The era is the Taisho period (1912-1926). Kaibara Aria, who wishes to become a pianist, takes...

Status: ongoing - there is no
Romance Shoujo Josei

Akumu No Sumu Ie - Ghost Hunt Manga

["Alternative : 恶灵猎人","悪夢の棲む家","悪夢の棲む家 ゴーストハント","Akumu no Sumu Ie","Akumu no Sumu Ie: Ghost Hunt","The House in Which Nightmares Dwell","The House of Nightmares - Ghost Hunt"]

Akumu no Sumu Ie - Ghost Hunt summary: Wonderland After Hours: Midori's mother has finally acquired her dream home, but it isn't long before supernatural phenomenas disrupt the peace of the family. And if unexplained electricity failures, strange phone calls, and the eerie presence of spirits wer...

Year: 2012
Status: ongoing
Shoujo Josei Mystery

7 Seeds Manga

["セブン シーズ","幻海奇情","幻海奇缘","幻海迷情","秘园情人","7Seeds","7 Mầm sống (Vietnamese)","هفت دانه (Persian)","سبعة حبوب (Arabic)","سبعة بذور (Arabic)","Septynios sėklos (Lithuanian)"]
Ranked: #400
Popularity: #777
Rated 4 / 5 based on 4970 votes.

Description : Scientists had predicted this disaster, and in response, the leaders of every country met to develop a plan for human survival before the meteor hit. The Seven Seeds project was developed out of this meeting. Each country froze a number of young healthy people, which allowed them to s...

Year: 2002
Status: ongoing
Drama Romance Josei

Ally Of Justice Manga

["Seigi no Mikata"]
Ranked: #3431
Popularity: #12717
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 417 votes.

From Manga Art: Youko spends her days as the primary target of her demonic sister. But how is it that her sister's evil deeds manage to bring happiness to those around her!? Is her sister really an angel, an ally of Justice?...

Year: 2004
Status: completed
Drama Romance Comedy

Anne No Aijou Manga

["Alternative : アンの愛情","Anne of the Island","Anne's Love","Red Haired Anne 5"]
Ranked: #6931
Popularity: #19132
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 307 votes.

Anne no Aijou summary: Anne leaves Green Gables and her work as a teacher in Avonlea to continue her education at Redmond College in Nova Scotia. She tucks her memories of rural Avonlea away and discovers life on her own terms, filled with surprises… including a marriage proposal from the worst...

Year: 1998
Status: completed
Drama Romance Shoujo

Ano Koro Ni Aitai Manga

["Alternative : あの頃に逢いたい","Anokoro ni Aitai","I Want to Meet Those Days"]
Ranked: #16934
Popularity: #31473
Rated 3 / 5 based on 113 votes.

Ano Koro ni Aitai summary: From JShoujo Scans: YUZURU, has been in love with her older brother, FUYUHISA, for as long as she can remember. But when he finds out her feelings for him, her world is shattered when he tells her he can't return her feelings. Fast forward half a year, she's trying to m...

Year: 1987
Status: ongoing
Drama Romance Josei

Amatsuki Manga

Ranked: #2290
Popularity: #1717
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 2910 votes.

Amatsuki summary: History isn't Tokidoki's strong subject. He's even forced to do make-up work at a high-tech history museum to bring up his failing grades. After losing an eye to a virtual reality monster in an Edo-period simulation, he finds himself unable to leave the game. Could it be real?...

Status: ongoing
Drama Josei Action

Are You Alice? Manga

Ranked: #3535
Popularity: #739
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 5524 votes.

Are You Alice? summary: From Yen Press: A disillusioned young man in search of “something” stumbles into the weird and wacky world of Wonderland, where, as “Alice,” he is thrust into a murderous game of “Kill the White Rabbit” by command of the ruler of the land, the Queen of Hearts. ...

Year: 2009
Status: ongoing
Drama Shoujo Josei